Monday, November 20, 2017

Hey, me on TV... not so bad really. join us.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

OK here are the current volunteering needs. Changing daily. Oh Also need people to put up posters for Thanksgiving in Incline and to collect boxes of toys in Incline too.

(1) 11/17 need a couple of trucks, drivers and helpers to collect food and cooking items from storage in Kings Beach. And from my house in Tahoe Vista and deliver to the Event Center.

(2) Tahoe Community Thanksgiving Celebration is Thursday 11/23 at the North Tahoe Event Center in Kings Beach. we need help Monday-Friday 10-4 p.m. set up, cooking, decorating, clean-up, serving at the dinner and more. free food and service hours. Thanksgiving day from 9-7, Friday after  from 10-2 or so.
Need available on call drivers to pick up people and food Thanksgiving Day.

call or text Meera 775.230.1066

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Thanksgiving Time is here Again

Here we go launching the 7th annual Tahoe Community Thanksgiving. Food, Fun, Friends, Food and more food. Join us on Thanksgiving Day from 2 until the food runs out or 6:30. 8318 North Lake Blvd Kings Beach California. By donation: new toy for Toys for Tots, nonperishable food for Project Mana, $2 per person or $5 per family, bring something tasty to share, volunteer...we will let you in.

Oh we are trying to win $500 from Dollar Days for our Toys for tots region so #DDToybox

Saturday, November 19, 2016

We are still looking for music and dancers for this year's Thanksgiving event. Call me!
Meera 775-230-1066
This is my all time favorite Thanksgiving graphic but remember Thanksgiving feast foods are not very healthy for your best pup friend. The food is too rich and can cause pancreatitis. Which is painful and can be deadly. So love your pets but feed sparingly from the table, if at all.

Thanksgiving 2016 is almost here

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2016. We are almost ready to celebrate our 6th annual Tahoe Community Thanksgiving Celebration.  You can find us at the North Tahoe Event Center at 8318 North Lake Blvd, Kings Beach California.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ready, set GO GO GO GO! Thanksgiving is Here

I have been awful at up dating this blog but at least people have been reading it and dropping by to volunteer. So here we are the night before the big day, here's what we have (I wish I had taken a picture of it) the kitchen is so full of food we could not have stuffed another thing in it.  So just to get your mouth buds watering and wanting and maybe to get your body over here tomorrow here is a sample of the goodies we have.
Besides turkeys courtesy of New Moon Health Food Stores, Safeway and more, stuffing of all sorts, homemade cranberry sauce, we have Ribs and broccoli salad from Jasons". Tri-tips from T's Rotisserie, homemade ice cream from Soule Domain (I am so not sharing that) Ham from Carnelian Bay 7-11. We have amazing vegetarian and vegan creations ( curried tofu yum) from Paige & Lisa (I don't remember the company name but they cater so ask for their # and book a party. We have 75 quarts of turkey soup and I better not have any leftovers, we have courtesy of Produce Plus, Central Market AND the Habeger family we have the best fresh veggies and my favorite blue lake green beans (I eat these fresh, like candy, maybe I am a closet vegetarian after all) sauteed with mushrooms and garlic and we have way more green bean casseroles than we need (I'm sorry it is my least favorite dish). sauteed  Zucchinis, tortellini salad, macaroni salad, carrot salad, green salad, Ethan "the card guy's" famous vegetarian bean and veggies salad (I have had this before and it almost made a vegetarian out of me)(but I can't give up my ribs from Jason's or the tri tip from T's). Pies, Pie, Pies,  cheese cakes, hummus, salsa, cheese and crackers. Hopefully a birthday cake because we have a TG birthday, Happy Birthday Kevin Zimmerman you are the best and we are grateful for you! I have a feeling we will have leftovers, make sure you come, eat and take a doggie box and pay it forward, feed your neighbors, and your friends who thought they would have more fun staying home. Okay now that I have peaked your interest and maybe your hunger:
Come to the North Tahoe Event Center at 8318 North Lake Blvd in Kings Beach the "event" begins at 2 and goes through 6:30. It is open seating, served buffet style. the "pre party" begins at 10 with volunteers going wild trying to get food cooked and ready for 2 o'clock and others getting set up for the Kid Zone and the reception committees, greeters and gofers welcome. Then the "after-party" packing up, snacking (it's sandwich time) finding people who need left-overs and the ever entertaining CLEAN UP!  In reality I am likely to be there Friday as well to finish the job so check in around 10-12 for food and more packing and cleaning.
I love, love, love the North Tahoe Event Center, the North Tahoe Public Utility District and all the wonderful people who make this thing possible, believe me it is NOT a one woman show.  It takes a Community to put on a Thanksgiving show like this one. Thanks you North Lake Tahoe & Truckee & Incline You All ROCK!!! Thanksgiving really is a foodies holiday.
Still my favorite Thanksgiving graphic. And last but not least all of this great stuff is brought to you by the love of Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior and the only reason I have the strength to do anything this big. Thank you Lord, I wouldn't be who I am without You by my side every step of the way.